Metro Health, Highland Hills

I drove up into this Metro Health something-care facility on Richmond Rd. in Highland Hills this week and saw an interesting building:
Not the best pic, I know, but I was driing a company vehicle

I got a little closer and saw that windows were hanging open, and it was seriously overgrown, so it looked abandoned. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. It's right next to Tri-C East, and I think it used to be the TB hospital, but I'm not sure.
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Randall Park Mall is camera shy!

Randall Park MallCollapse )

Why is Randall Park Mall against people taking pictures there?

Here's why I ask:

Mall haet camera.Collapse )

So that brings to mind a few questions: Is their any legislature anywhere that protects photographer's rights within a publicly-accessible private location? Is their anything I could've done to at least been able to finish my shopping (remember that I didn't know I was doing anything supposedly "wrong" until I was stopped, and I was immediately asked to leave without her even allowing me to explain myself.)? Why would Randall Park be concerned with picture-taking in the first place?

(sorry if you've seen this before, I've x-posted to a number of communities as I feel that even if nobody can answer my question, the word needs to be gotten out that Randall Park Mall is NOT ok with photography!)
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Abandoned Hotel in North Randall

Last night, a friend and I attempted to get into the old abandoned hotel by the Wendy's in North Randall (it sits in an outlot of Randall Park Mall). But alas, we were foiled, as the place seems to be an impenetrable fortress. The only thoughts we had were to bring a rope with us so we could climb to the low roof over the walkway that connected to the pool room and from there possibly get in a second-story room window (many of the room windows seemed to be open for whatever reason).

It's the building centered in this map.

Any ideas on how to get in? Any of you been? Next time I go I'll at least take some pictures through the windows ^_^
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Jaite Paper Mill

I just got a message from the deputy superintendant of the park:

The work that is taking place is the first phase of the site
restoration of the Jaite Mill site. That work is primarily removal of all the above ground structures.

I have attached the scope of work that is ongoing.

Long term efforts, which are not funded, will require an
environmental assessment to determine how much of the fill material will be removed. Conceptually we would like to develop a trail along the rail bed,
acrossthe river and connect to the Buckeye and Jaite. There is no funding
for this.

He also attached a 13-page document that detailed all their plans and work. I copied some highlights, and put them behind a cut for those interested.
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Intro Post

Hey all, n00b here. I've been interested in urban ex since I discovered the Forgotten Ohio site about 2 years ago. Still havn't actually gotten into any place, from a combination of not wanting to go alone and not knowing much about the areas I've wanted to explore. Fear of getting caught and thrown in jail isn't cool when all you want to do is have a look around! I did scout out the Tecumseh Building in Springfield with some friends once, but it was broad daylight so we didn't do much more than walk around it wondering how such a seemingly valuable piece of real estate could go unused.

Quick question, has anyone ever been inside the building in the center ofthis map? It's an old Christian Science church. It's really close to where I live, and it's such a beautiful building...