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Metro Health, Highland Hills

I drove up into this Metro Health something-care facility on Richmond Rd. in Highland Hills this week and saw an interesting building:
Not the best pic, I know, but I was driing a company vehicle

I got a little closer and saw that windows were hanging open, and it was seriously overgrown, so it looked abandoned. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. It's right next to Tri-C East, and I think it used to be the TB hospital, but I'm not sure.
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that building was built as part of the house of correction that used to be (or still is - i am just in town for a brief time and have not driven out towards there yet) part of the house of correction campus between northfield and richmond. my brother went in there way back in the 80s (to explore the jail part) and while he thought it was abandoned, he picked up a phone and found that there were voices on the other end! pretty wild. there definitely was an infirmary in the jail section because through his exploration they found a records room.

at any rate, if you find out more about the house of correction there, i'm sure you might then stumble upon what each building was used for.
oh yeah, there was also some sort of army/military barracks or armory in that area, too, which also had the same type of architecture so it could be part of that as well.

anyway, hope that helps.
There was also a TB hospital out that way as well. The buildings there don't look prison-y, they look more hospital-y. There still is the jail, which is off of Harvard, about a mile north of there.
It was used by the adjacent hospital for a nurses dormatory, there were also Tuburcleosis "cabins" on the site but were all demolished. The building has been demolished as well as the hospital to make way for Tri-C's campus expansions. It was full of mold and asbestoes.