Rail the Elf (rpb3000) wrote in cleve_urban_exp,
Rail the Elf

Intro Post

Hey all, n00b here. I've been interested in urban ex since I discovered the Forgotten Ohio site about 2 years ago. Still havn't actually gotten into any place, from a combination of not wanting to go alone and not knowing much about the areas I've wanted to explore. Fear of getting caught and thrown in jail isn't cool when all you want to do is have a look around! I did scout out the Tecumseh Building in Springfield with some friends once, but it was broad daylight so we didn't do much more than walk around it wondering how such a seemingly valuable piece of real estate could go unused.

Quick question, has anyone ever been inside the building in the center ofthis map? It's an old Christian Science church. It's really close to where I live, and it's such a beautiful building...
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