ugly_one (ugly_one) wrote in cleve_urban_exp,

have i become that guy who posts too much?  oh well.  so in my first post i talked about this hotel.......

well we finally got in last night.  it was easy too.  lots of fun getting in but once you're inside its kind of boring.  not very abandoned looking.  it must have been going through a renovation just before it was closed down.  theres nothing inside.  most of the walls are nice fresh drywall or just 2x4s.  we havent made it all the way through yet but my guess is that its all the same.  ohh well.  its still exploring.  i wish i had pictures of the inside to show everyone but i forgot my camera in my car.  i'll see if i can steal some from my girlfriend.
on saturday we got into one of the cleveland areas most infamous buildings.  the mother of all abandoned buildings.  you should all know what im talking about.  sorry i dont have more pictures but flash photography isnt a good idea in this place.

i'll post more eventually. 
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